Auto Redial | call timer|Auto Miscall|Direct Download Link

Auto Redial | call timer|Auto Miscall|Direct Download Link

Auto Redial | call timer|Auto Miscall

Enter the telephone number, select the dialing strategy and begin dialing. At that point the program will make a call to the supporter.

You can utilize the accompanying dialing strategies:

– dial up until you traverse. After the supporter has gotten the phone, dialing will end;

– dialing with boundaries: number of calls, call span, delay between calls;

– Dialing utilizing the application that you use for default calls. In this strategy, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to set the term of a call.

For the initial two techniques, you should choose the application as the default for calls. With the standard exit from the application, you will be approached to return back your typical application for calls. Additionally, it tends to be done later in this application or in the Android settings.

In the application, you can call a few telephone numbers without a moment’s delay, consecutively. You can oversee dialing in the rundown continuously. This choice is accessible on auto redial list tab.



– Auto redial telephone number over and over in a simple manner.

– Make your telephone naturally hang up with the clock you setting.

– Many system transporters offer free calls for initial 5, 10, 20, x minutes. This application will assist you with checking the time slipped by and physically hang-up the call.

***A not many of gadgets may not function admirably, kindly do a basic test before you use. It would be ideal if you check the test ventures as following.***

***So far we discovered some applications, for example, power sparing or framework streamlining will cause auto redial work irregular, so kindly don’t utilize the sorts of applications with auto redial.***

●The fundamental highlights incorporates:

– Auto hang up

– Auto redial

– Fast redial

– Speaker on/off

– Vibration alert

– Sound alarm

– dial expansion number

●Unique highlights:

– When you run into obscure issue to cause auto hang up fail,this application will trigger a long vibrate for 3 seconds to reveal to you hang up call physically.

– When the number your dialed entering voice message, your need to hang tight for that more drawn out time till call detach and afterward redial.

●How to utilize this application:

– drag second bar to set redial stretch

– press green catch to begin auto redial

– press red catch to stop auto redial

●Simple test steps

– set hang up an ideal opportunity to 10 seconds.

– dial out to your companion

– check whether auto end call inside 10 seconds.

Attempting to call a bustling call-focus? or then again Annoyed with the specialist co-op due to call drops? Auto Redialer is only for you. Auto redial the number again and again until you associate. When the call is replied, the application quits redialing.

**The Main Feature of Auto Redial | Redialer, which no other application has is that it Stops redialing if the call is replied. So you don’t need to quit redialing physically. This application does it for you. Truly, its is that sophisticated!!**

Different Features :

– Call from your contacts and late calls so you don’t need to compose numbers to auto redial.

– Adjust time between two auto redials.

– Stop auto redialing with only one tap or a straightforward back catch.

– Auto speaker on while redialing.

– Auto detach call after the time you set. Auto Redialing will stop in the event that you pick this alternative.


– You can utilize it to call occupied call communities. Simply put the number on Auto Redial.

– Auto Redial to Radio stations to jump on air.

– Simply use it if your specialist organization is giving you trouble.

– Auto redial to Train Ticket booking focuses, Restaurant Reservations, Hotlines, essentially anything which is consistently bustling when you call.

– For Australia, You can redial to Centrelink and get associated in actuality.

This application is additionally for Vodafone, Airtel, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile , AIS, IR-MCI, Orange – PL, Telekom, AlgĂ©rie Telecom, GSM1800/Peoples Telephone Company Ltd., IDEA, Uninor, Docomo and all other sim clients which has visit call drop issues. Simply put the number on auto redial, it will get you associated.


– Unable to redial call instantly when meet the voice message.

– Settings/audits fastens on the top bar must be utilized in android form 3.0 or more current. More established variant need to tap the MENU key to dispatch these things.

– The telephone number determination from contact doesn’t be upheld with Dual SIM telephone .


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