Most Useful Apps in android | Most Useful Android Apps | 2020

Most Useful Apps in android | Most Useful Android Apps | 2020

WhatsNot on Whatsapp

**Hides WhatsApp’s Profile Picture, Status and Last Seen from explicit people.**

Whatsnot, another functional easy to use application which presently entitles Whats application clients with additional on the security office. Despite the fact that security includes in Whats application are not too bad, there lies an issue in client protection area which priers and stalkers exploit. With the quantity of clients ascending to in excess of 800 million around the world, this imperfection is more risky than any other time in recent memory. The security blemish would now be able to be managed, by utilizing Whatsnot.

There is no alternative in Whats App to shroud your Profile Picture, Last Seen or Status from a particular arrangement of people.The most a client can do is to change security settings to My Contacts. However, what about those uncommonness of times when the undesirable contact turns into the most needed. That is when Whatsnot will go to your rescue.This previously mentioned Privacy issues in WhatsApp would now be able to be fixed by introducing “WhatsNot”. Including companions, blocking undesirable clients from your Whats application account is the thing that this product does, without limiting your capacity to tweak, while likewise holding your contacts. In this way, whenever an undesirable individual calls ,you can proficiently square him/her in light of the fact that your contacts are unencumbered, while denying him/her to interrupt your security.

What precisely does “WhatsNot” do?

– Now Upload Photos,Status unafraid of being undermined

– Your ‘last observed’ is adjustable

– Contact data is held

– A Caller Id for shrouded contacts

– Simple and easy to use application

– No shrouded charges and remains FREE for lifetime.

Disclaimer: This application doesn’t roll out any improvements to WhatsApp’s App or doesn’t profess to be related with it or its parent organization.







Lock for apps (WhatsLock)

Most downloaded application lock in Play Store. Secure insurance with mystery state, plan, one of a kind imprint lock.

★ #1 App lock in excess of 50 countries.

☞ WhatsLock can facebook, whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, snapchat, instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, moving toward calls and any application you pick. Prevent unapproved access and guard security. Assurance security.

☞ WhatsLock can cover pictures and accounts. Hidden pictures and accounts are vanished from Gallery and only evident in the photo and video vault. Secure private memories no issue by any stretch of the imagination. No pin, no possibility.

☞WhatsLock has sporadic comfort and imperceptible model lock. No more pressure people may peep the pin or model. Progressively shielded!

★ With WhatsLock, you will:

Never worry over watchmen check your Snapchat,!

Never worry over colleagues get your phone to mess around with flexible data again!

Never worry over an associate gets your phone to look the presentation again!

Never worry over someone scrutinizes private data in your applications again!

Never worry over kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again!

Get your hid show, secret program, private SNS with AppLock!


Hide Chat Name

Conceal Whatsapp Images, Videos and Audios with Chat Media Hider application

Stow away or Store your visit pictures, accounts and sounds before anyone see it

Visit Media Hider is perfect solution for your insurance

Cover singular pictures, accounts and sounds in a lone Click

We overall know, generally we get comfortable pictures, chronicles and anyone with your remote can see it.

Stay protected and guaranteed. Cover visit pictures and chronicles with Chat Media Hider.

Present Now for Free and Protect your Personal Media

👉 Chat Media Hider Features:

✨ Hide all your whatsapp media ( Images, Videos and Audios ) in single tick

✨ You can in like manner incorporate your media reports independently ( so just picked pictures and chronicles will be concealed )

✨ All your covered reports will be taken care of in Chat Media Hider application and no one can see them in presentation

✨ Protect your media reports with a mystery key so nobody yet you can see

✨ All your login Attempts can be found a workable pace Access History and check whether anyone endeavored to login

👉 Tips:

– Please remember the Secret request and answer.

– Reset mystery key decision will be available after 3 pointless login attempts

– Please click on Individual Mode for including records genuinely

👉 Disclaimer:

This application isn’t an aftereffect of WhatsApp inc. In addition, it’s not backup with some other association.

WhatsApp is an aftereffect of WhatsApp inc.

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