How To Know That Your Girlfriend is Recording Your Phone Call 2020

How To Know That Your Girlfriend is Recording Your Phone Call 2020


It is safe to say that you are concerned that somebody might be WireTapping your Phone?

At that point you ought to introduce this App.

This App will identify endeavors to VoiceTap your Device.

Incredibly simple to utilize.

Ensure that the NSA and the FBI are not Tapping your Phone!

(Or on the other hand your kid/young lady companion, mate, chief, guardians, and so forth.)

There might be Apps planted on your Device that have the capacity to Listen to your Phone Calls, as well as make Voice Recordings from the Microphone, and send them by means of Internet to an Unknown Receiver. Without your insight or assent!

Some Spy Apps may even subtly set up programmed Hidden Phone Calls to or from your Phone, to tune in on you. Shrouded Calls are Remotely Controlled and quietly set up to or from your Phone, for example at the point when you are not utilizing it yourself.

This App – “WireTap Detection” – will shield you from being kept an eye on in these manners, by Detecting all endeavors to Tap your Phone. Before you need to make a Recording yourself – or a VoIP (for example Skype) Call – essentially contact a catch to DISABLE the App.

On the off chance that you have a Tablet (without Phone Capabilities), you can utilize this App similarly, to Detect endeavors to Spy on you by making Recordings from the Microphone.

Nothing could be easier.


– Enable or Disable WireTap Detection

– Three Main Types of WireTap Detection:

– Optional Detection of Hidden Calls (Incoming as well as Outgoing)

– Optional Detection of Recording of Phone Calls

– Optional Detection of Recording through the Microphone (additionally covers VoIP Calls, for example, made by Skype, and so on)

– For each Type of Detection, Audio-as well as Visual-Alerts can alternatively and separately be Enabled and Logged

– A Simple Log will give all of you Detected endeavors to WireTap your Device

– Works out of sight – in any event, when Screen is shut

– Starts Automatically at Power-On

This Unique App is by all accounts One Of A Kind.

We have not discovered some other App with similar abilities.

All Options are Enabled as a matter of course.

You ought to view them (on the Settings Page). May be you need to Disable a portion of the Options.

It would be ideal if you note that it is just conceivable to check whether a Microphone Recording is Ongoing or not, at the fixed Intervals chose by you, for example once every moment, once per 10 minutes, and so on. A shorter Period improves the probability of distinguishing a Mic Recording, yet the Battery Consumption may increment somewhat. So you should locate your very own trade off between Detection Probability and Battery Consumption.

Identification of Phone Call Recordings is autonomous of this Checking Period, as it is constrained by the Start and End of the Call.

You may alternatively confirm that the Periodic Microphone Checking is working, by empowering a Text Notification each time the Microphone is checked.

Because of programming contrasts between different Phones, it might be important to modify a Sensibility incentive to suit your Device. On the off chance that you should encounter MANY Normal Calls as being enrolled as Hidden, you should LOWER the Sensibility Factor (found on the Settings Page).

On the off chance that you should encounter some genuine WireTapping Alerts, you should utilize our “SpyWare Removal” application to attempt to recognize the App causing the issue, and expel it.

To begin with, you will presumably for the most part be cautioned by your own applications, for example at the point when you are utilizing a Normal Audio Recording App, or Recording Calls. These are likewise useful for testing this application.

If it’s not too much trouble note that this App doesn’t identify Spying on SMSs, Emails, and so on.

(Nonetheless, from Android variant 4.4, it is never again conceivable to shroud Sent or Received SMSs. They would all be able to be found in the List/Log of SMSs on your Device.)

In the event that you like this App, PLEASE give it a Rating. In the event that you have an issue, send an email to before you think about posting a low Rating. Numerous issues appear to be brought about by basic errors.

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