2nr for Android - APK Download

2nr for Android - APK Download


Portrayal of Drugi Numer – 2nr

Drugi Numer — 2nr is a free talk versatile application that permits you having more than one telephone number on your handset all the while. With the assistance of postponed apparatus, you can have up to 3 extra telephone numbers on one and the equivalent SIM card, paying little respect to your administrator.

Simply envision that you needn’t bother with purchase new cell phones or quest for a model with Dual SIM alternative. A few cell numbers are at your administration all alone present gadget with the assistance of postponed application. There are no any customs and delay, you get new number right away. It is cool and down to earth, would it say it isn’t?

Features of the application:

There are no costs, commitments or extra agreements from your administrators. Simply download the application and appreciate every one of the upsides of having at least 2 cell numbers on your device.

With extra numbers gave by Drugi Numer — 2nr application, you can ensure your protection, maintain a business from an uncommon separate number, and so on.

There are a lot a bigger number of choices for having more than just one number. Open the following opportunity level, you can do it at the present time.

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