Using WiFi Warden, you can:

✔️ Analyze WiFi frameworks

✔️ Increase your security

✔️ Calculate the WPS PINs of specific switches

✔️ View saved WiFi passwords (requires root)

✔️ View the information of devices related with your framework (Include Name, MAC address, Vendor, IP)

✔️ Find the open ports of a contraption on the framework

✔️ Create strong passwords

By inspecting Wi-Fi frameworks, you will have the choice to:

✔️ See every one of the information that can be found on the WiFi organizes around you, including SSID, BSSID, Channel number, Channel move speed, The switch creator, Encryption, Security, Distance, etc.

✔️ Find a less stuffed channel to extend the sign idea of your remote switch.

Do I need to root my device?

🔷 To interface using WPS: If you are using Android 5 to 8, you don’t need to root your device. Regardless, your phone must be built up on Android 9, Android 4.4 and earlier variations.

* Because of the new limitations of Android 9, your contraption must be connected to interface using WPS. If its all the same to you note that root system doesn’t tackle certain contraptions.

🔷 To see WiFi passwords: You need root access on all Android variations.

🔷 To get the consecutive number of a section: You need root access on all Android variations.

🔷 To check WPS lock: You need root access on all Android adjustments.

In the event that it’s not all that much issue Note:

* Connection using WPS doesn’t tackle all switches. The clarification isn’t WiFi Warden, it’s the switch! In these cases, generously use the passphrase to connect with the Wi-Fi.

* To connect with WPS, the AP probably engaged WPS. Sections that have enabled WPS are separate with “WPS” in red.

* From Android 6 (Marshmallow) it is imperative to give territory approval to show Wi-Fi orchestrates around you.

More information at: id

* Please don’t demand that I incorporate more WPS PINs. In case I find another WPS PIN, I will put it later on structures. if your switch PIN isn’t available in the application, just quest for it on your thing mark.

* To see the channel move speed, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher interpretation.

* Currently extended security rules available for Asus, TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel switches.

* It’s more astute to use pull procedure for testing invalid PIN.

* Distance to the switch is resolved subject to a free-space way adversity condition. This number is evaluated.

* In-application purchases are only for ousting advancements. The application doesn’t sell anything. All features are available in vain out of pocket.

* Connection using WPS PIN without root get to doesn’t wear down some LG and Huawei devices. It’s an issue related to LG and Huawei programming, not the WiFi Warden.

* Some Samsung contraptions may use encryption and don’t show the certified passwords. If you have to acknowledge how to translate them, if its all the same to you look for the information on the web or connect with me.

* Some of the mechanical assemblies of this application (Specially WPS Connection) have been created for Testing and Educational purposes. Use at your own one of a kind danger. The designer of this application won’t recognize any obligation.

* Before leaving comments, if it’s not all that much issue guarantee you know how the application capacities.


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