Voice Changer - Audio Effects 2019

Voice Changer - Audio Effects 2019


Voice Changer – Audio Effects 2019

Voice changer is free 100%, the interface is design and wonderful.

The program is anything but difficult to utilize and can deliver extraordinary audio cues and incredible fun!

Recording your voice in top notch sound or opening a music, apply impacts, and offer them with your companions.

The application bolsters a wide range of impacts and you can redo custom parameters to get the best audio cue for you.

Singing karaoke and recording are quicker and simpler than at any other time with Voice changer! Utilizing Karaoke impacts with three redoing parameters: reverberation, reverb, mid to have a biggest sound. Utilizing Speed changer impacts with speed and pitch to alter your voice tone. Have a ton of fun and offer your best recording documents.




✪ Record your voice or implicit enhancements let you in a split second change sounds impacts.

✪ Customizable sounds with impacts: reverberation, reverb, pitch, rhythm, volume, bass, mid, treble.

✪ Listen to incredible music bass with bass supporter.

✪ Have fun with speed changer (custom impact with Tempo and pitch).

✪ Share sound documents with your companions through interpersonal organizations.

✪ Record and change your voice legitimately. Spare account record with great sound.

✪ Set as ringtone, alert, warning…

Voice changer application underpins numerous impacts:

+ Normal

+ Robot

+ Bass sponsor

+ Speed changer ( Tempo, Pitch)

+ Karaoke ( reverb, reverberation, mid)

+ Boy voice

+ Girl voice

+ Helium

+ Hexafluoride

+ Chipmunk

+ Alien

+ Giant

+ Devil

+ Kid

+ Bee

+ Monster

+ Fast

+ Slow

+ Cave

+ Death

+ Radio

+ Rain

+ Bass

+ Mid

+ Telephone

Authorizations EXPLAINED:


– To catch sound information from mic for recording capacity.

– The sound information don’t send anyplace from your gadgets.


– To peruse sound records from capacity.


– To spare chronicle records.


– To give stable sound playback.


– Set sound document as ringtone.


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