Ager Apki Mobile se Koi bhi App Delete Nahi Ho Rahi to is App se karen

Clear Uninstaller App Uninstall

Clear and Fast and Handy uninstall mechanical get together for android, expel applications by two or three taps. Tidy up point of confinement and free up more spaces.

■ Feature

• App evacuate
• Batch uninstall
• Battery Usage Tracking
• App Usage Tracking
• Batch uninstall
• Fast uninstall by a lone tick
• List all exhibited applications
• Show application name,version,update time,size
• Search application by name
• Various sort mode
• App share
• Launch application
• Cached application list
• Search in Google Market
• Support Android 1.6-4.x
• Support App2SD
• Uninstall History (Recycle Bin)
• Uninstall Reminder
How It is Works

■ Description

Clear Uninstaller is a contraption to uninstall applications for android telephones. It is anything but difficult to utilize, you can pick various applications that you need to uninstall, and click “Uninstall Selected Apps” catch to uninstall them.
Direct Uninstaller additionally fortifies application search for and sort. Type watchword in the textbox on the top to look through the application that you need to uninstall. Snap “Menu”- >”Sort” to sort the applications in many sort types.
Long press exhibited application, a setting menu will bounce up and give more alternatives. You can see application subtleties by clicking “Application Details”. You can share applications by clicking “Offer”, and you can look through the application in the Google include by clicking “Enthusiasm for Google Market”.
Essential Uninstaller can’t uninstall pre-stacked or pre-introduced applications in the framework since it is constrained by the structure instrument.
Q: How to uninstall android application?
Check the applications that you need to uninstall, by then tap the uninstall get.
Q: Why wouldn’t it have the alternative to list pre-stacked applications?
A: Pre-stacked applications can’t be uninstalled, just if your telephone is set up, you can search for “root uninstall” in Google advance.
Q: Why are a couple of utilizations not on the quick overview?
A: Try to click “Menu”- >”Refresh” to clean the spare and re-load the application list.
Q: Why wouldn’t I have the alternative to close the application?
A: The notice bar picture is utilized for speedy beginning of the application. In the event that you needn’t waste time with the notice bar picture appeared after you leave the application, you can basically hinder it in the settings.

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