Living things

Living things INTRODUCTION: (1) There are many things found around us. Some of them are living things like animals and plants and some are non-living ….


Water Presence of water (1) The earth looks blue when it is seen from space. Many astronauts have taken photographs of the earth from space. ….


Energy (1) In science we describe energy an agent changing the position or form of things. 2) Energy is needed to bring about changes to ….

Cardiac cycle

Cardiac cycle 1. The cyclic events takes place in each heart beat is called one cardiac cycle. 2. Lets starts with all the four chambers ….


MECHANISM OF HORMONE ACTION Hormones produce their effects on target tissues by binding to specific proteins called hormone receptors located in the target tissues only. ….


CELL The cell is the smallest fundamental and structural unit of living organisms. It is a small piece of protoplasm covered by a protective layer ….


TISSUE CULTURE Tissue culture is the growth of a tissue in an artificial liquid culture medium. In 1902 German botanist Haberlandt speculated entire plant could ….