Nature resources of energy

Nature resources of energy
(2) The energy from the sun is used for different purposes which are

() The sun is the major source of energy. It gives us both light and heat.

described below.
– Energy from the sun keeps our world lighted and warm. With out the sun
energy our world would have been so cold and dark that no life have been
possible on it.
B- The sun rays falling on the sea make its water to evaporate and form
clouds from which we get rain.

c-Green plants use light energy from the sun, and prepare their food.
D- Energy from the sun is also called solar energy. It is used in car,

E-Solar energy also used to heat water for domestic and industrial

(1) Millions of year ago bodies of land and sea animals and plants buried
under the surface of the earth.
(2) By the action of heat pressure and bacteria the ancient organisms w
changed into fossils.
(3) These are coal, oil and natural gas. We call these substance as foss
(4) These are used for different purposes which are described below:

A- The energy from coal is used to convert water into steam which is u
B-Oil and natural gas are used to run cars, buses, aeroplanes, factori

(1) t is also known as tidal energy. Waves are continuously formed over the

surface of sea by blowing strong wind.
(2) These waves posses great kinetic energy.
(3) Scientists are trying to use wave energy for the generation of electricity
or for running mahines
() It is also called geothermal energy. The temperature deep down the

earth is so high that even rocks are converted into liquid form.
(2) These liquid rocks can be seen when a volcano erupts.
(3) In some areas under the earth, due to geothermal energy, water is

trapped in the form of steam.
(4) By drilling the earth this steam can be used to generate electricity

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