Living things

Living things

(1) There are many things found around us. Some of them are living things
like animals and plants and some are non-living things like book, pen, ball,
river, mountain etc.
(2) Plants and animals appear to be entirely different from each other but
they posses remarkable similarities between them.
(3) Let us study these similarities among living things and differences
between Jiving and non-living things.

(1) There are seven characteristics which differentiate living things from
on-living things these characteristics of living things are as follow:
(1) Movement (2) Nutrition (3) growrh 4 excretion
(5) Respiration (6) Reproduction (7) Sensitivity

(1) Living things can move from one place to other by themselves.
(1) Fish can swim in water with the help of fins

(2) Man and other footed animals can walk with the help of their legs.
(3) Birds can fly with their help of wings.
(4) Some animals can creep such an snake.
(5) Insects can move and fly with their legs and wings.
(6) Plants are generally fixed to one place, but some of them do show
movement. If you touch the finger on mimosa leaves (touch me-not), close
its leaflets and when took the finger back, they open again after sometimes.
Non-living things move only when an external force is applied. A ball and
stone can change their position only when they are thrown by you

(1) All living things require food to maintain their lives and growth.
(2) Good food which includes fruits, eggs, milk, vegetables pulses and
grains are very important for good health.
(3) Plants manufacture their own food by taking water and salts from the
soil and carbon dioxide from air in the presence of sunlight. The proces
is called photosynthesis.
(4) Animals cannot prepare their own food. They either live by eating
plants or other animals.
(5) Non-living thing like chair, table ball etc. Do not require food.

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