(1) In static electricity electrons donot move, but in current electricity
electrons flow in a wire of certain material from one end to the other.
Hence it is called current electricity.
(2) Current means flowing or running. Electricity that we use at our
homes is current electricity
(3) We use current electricity in our homes for lighting and operating
electrical appliances such as fans, irons, refrigerators, radio and television.

1) Dry cell appears to be dry from out side but it contains some moist
chemicals inside. These chemical are contained in zinc container with
a carbon rod in the middle as shown in figure.
2) Now take torch bulb and connect it to a dry cell through a copper wire
as shown in figure.
(3) The bulb begins to glow because when you connect the wires the
chemical action starts in the cell.
(4) Electrons of carbon rod begin to flow towards the zinc container due
to this the carbon rod becomes positively charged and the zinc container
becomes negatively charged.
(5) As a result the electrons begins to flow in the wire and when these

(6) The path of flow of electron is known as a circuit. Electricity flow only
when the circuit is complete and the bulb goes off if the circuit is broken.
(7) When the circuit is complete it is said to be a closed circuit.
(8) When the circuit is broken it is said to be open circuit.

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