Composition of water

Composition of water

(1) Water is a compound of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. When
hydrogen and oxygen gases are burnt, they combine and form water.
(2) A water molecule consists of two parts of hydrogen and one part
of oxygen by volume It means two atoms of hydrogen and one atomn
Of oxygen make a weter molecule.
(3) Chemical formula of water is H20. If we take water from any sourc
it will have the same composition


1 water can dissolve many Substances like sugar, salt and even gases.
In land and hilly areas the water dissolves various types of minerals.
(4) Some of which are beneficial for health and some of them harmful.
(5) Presence of some mineral make water hard, which is not fit for drinking
and washing and bathing..
(6) Water which produces lather easily is known as soft water. But if water
produces curds with sdap, its known as hard water
7 in this way there are two types of water on the basis of producing lather.
(1) Hard Water (2) Soft Water


(1) it contains SOlu uble compounds of calcium and magnesium.
(2) The calcium and magnesium combine with soap and form curd or scum
instead of lather and the washing cannot be done properly and a lot of soap
is washed.
(3) hard water is not fit for drinking because it causes stomach disorders.
(4) Hard water is unfit for use in steam engines, in boiler and turbine.
(5) It is better to remove the impurities in the water for the economic use of
the soap and to get a better wash.

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