Mendel’s work was rediscovered in 1900, geneticists
DNA technology. By inning in the mid 1970s, a revolution

have made starting advances which led to a new era of
combinant DNA technology led to radically new research
of study today is genetic engineering, the modification of

approaches. Recombinant DNA A technology has many
atial appltcaons One of the rapidly advancing areas

DNA of an organism to produce new genes with new
characteristics. In fact, genetic engincering has launched a
revolution in biotechnology, the use of living organisms to

m practical task. Biotechmology includes genetic

engineering and other techniques that make use of natural
biological systems to produce a product or to achieve an
end, desired by human beings. Since the dawn of
Civilization, human have bred plants, animals to produce a

particular phenotype. The biochemical capabilities of micro
organisms have also been exploited for a very long time
Today through genetic engineering. bacteria now r produce
drugs that promote human health, proteins that are useful as

Genetically engineered bacteria have been used to clean up
environmental pollutants, increase the fertility of the soil,
and kill insect pest. Biotechnology also extends beyond
unicellular organisms; ways have been found to alter the
genotype and subsequently phenotype of plants and
animals, including humans.

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