The cassification of living things

The cassification of living things


1 All living things are classified into animals and plants. The animals
and plants are further classified into smaller groups
(2) This classification is often based on their specific characteristics such
as the living places, structure, mode of nutrition and reproduction etc.

(1) HABITAT: A place in nature where animals or plants live and obtain
their food is known as its habitat.
(2) Some animals and plants live only in water while other live on land.
(3) Those organisms which live in water are said to be aquatic organisms.
(4) Those organisms which live on land are said to be terrestrial organisms,.


(1) Animals which live on land are called terrestrial animals. These are
horses, cows, dogs, cats, camels, lions, deer, monkey, lizards and snakes
(2) A great number of animals such as bears, foxes, lions, tigers, zebra,
deer and elephant live in forest. They are called forest animals.
(3) Some animals like scorpions snakes and camels live in the desert.
They are called desert animals.

(4) Plants that grow in hot and dry places are called desert plants.

(5) These are generally small in size, bush like and thorny.

(6) Their surface covered by a thick wax like substance which helps to
prevent excessive escape of water from their surface.
(7) Some terrestrial plants like grasses, vegetables, flower and fruit
ucing plants grow in places where water is available in good quantity.

(1) Plants have stem instead of backbone. The nature of stem varies from
plants to plant.
(2) Some plants have hard stem so they stand erect.
(3) Some plants have weak stem so they creep on land.
(4) On the basis of their stems plants are classified as trees, shurbs and herbs.
(5) Trees are generally 15 to 18 feet tall or more, although some trees are
hundreds of feet high. Trees have one main stem from which branches are
given out. Their stem and branches are covered by hard rough bark.
Examples are Neem, Mango, Sheesham and Euclyptus.

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